Our Features

Affordable CloudServer in Indonesia

1Gbps standard bandwidth

Cloudmatika Infrastructure can easily handle increases in traffic, while still only paying for what you use. A cloud provider that offers “Unlimited Traffic” is telling you that they can only handle small configurations and their cloud servers don’t perform well. We even include ALL upload traffic, and 2TB of download traffic but still you have a 1Gbps connection.

Next Generation Autoscale

Don’t just scale up – we scale down and you save
Don’t pay for resources you don’t need. With Next Generation Autoscaling, you can always be sure you have the server configuration that exactly matches your needs. Most Cloud providers only let you scale up, and you must reboot to scale down. That’s how regular Cloud Providers make money. They charge you for resources you cannot use and do not need. Cloudmatika technology saves you not just on server resources, but time managing your configuration too.
This is Auto-pilot for Cloud!

API (Application Programming Interface)

Utilize our SOAP API to control all aspects of your cloud programatically. Create new cloud server instances, delete, resize and even check on usage statistics. You can create servers from images, and add them to load balancers to scale out when needed. Every thing you can do in the control panel, can also be done in our API!

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Don’t leave your network open to outsiders.
A virtual local network (VLAN) is essential to prevent others sniffing in on your traffic. We offer it for free. There is nothing to configure, as soon as you create your first server, your very own private network will be configured too. All local traffic is free. We also guarantee all resources, so avoid the “noisy neighbour” problem you see with regular VPS. No unexpected drops in performance of your cloud infrastructure.

High Performance Storage Cluster

Full SSD performances without extra cost.
We offer SSD peformance without the extra cost. By caching the most frequently access data onto RAM and SSD, we beat other cloud performance hands down. All our storage is block storage, not temporary storage the gets deleted on reboot. You don’t need to add extra storage, increasing costs like our competitors.
Not only is our storage fast, it’s also completely redundant. We store 3 copies of all data in a high-availability array. In the rare case of a hardware failure, your Cloud Server will automatically restart on another hardware node within seconds. You can also take images or backups with the click of a button. Cloud made simple, without the waste.


Security is the biggest concern when moving to the cloud. Trying to configure a firewall can be a nightmare and can often end up in locking yourself out. We provide a intuitive firewall tool, so you will never have to configure via a command line again.
For those that are not experienced with managing of server middleware, we often managed solutions of varying levels such as Secure Anshin Pack and Managed Cloud Pack at reasonable prices. Contact our support team for a free quote.
We can even setup a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that can only be access from your internal company network. It’s like having your own cloud in your office!